Kumpulan Soal Ujian Pilihan Ganda Berserta Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Tentang My Idol

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Berbagiruang.com – Berikut adalah Kumpulan Soal Ujian Pilihan Ganda Berserta Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Tentang My Idol yang terdiri dari 30 soal pilihan ganda. Dengan adanya soal latihan ini semoga bisa sebagai bahan pembelajaran dan latihan sebelum menghadapi ujian.

1. How did the writer feel when she knew that Afgan came to town? ….
A. She felt excited *
B. She felt confuse
C. She felt unhappy
D. She felt curious
E. She felt happy

2. What is the synomim of “autograph” ? ….
A. Waved *
B. Signature
C. Memorabilia
D. Showed up
E. Showed down

3. The synonim “hit by lightning” is ? ….
A. Surprised *
B. Exicited
C. Waved
D. Memorabilia
E. Signature

4. How did the fans wait for autographing the memorabilia? ….
A. They run in hurry
B. They wait in lobby
C. They stand in the line *
D. They sit down on the chair
E. They hurry

5. When and where was the meet and greet event? ….
A. Sunday morning, in sport center
B. Saturday morning, in local radio station *
C. Sunday afternoon, in local radio station
D. Saturday afternoon, in sport center
E. Saturday night, in sport station

6. What is Afganism? ….
A. It’s one of Afgan’s albums
B. It’s Afgan’s fanbase’s name *
C. It’s the title of Afgan’s song
D. It’s Afgan’s management name
E. It’s Afgan’s title song

7. What is the antonym of “excited” ? ….
A. Very Sad *
B. Happy
C. Very happy
D. Waved
E. Sad

8. What is the synonim of “nervous” ? ….
A. Sad
B. Excited
C. Previous
D. Anxious *
E. Happy

9. Where did Alfred Nobel work with John Ericsson? ….
A. In Sweden
B. In the USA *
C. In Stockholm
D. In Heleneborg
E. In Saint Petersburg

10. What is the main idea of paragraph 2? ….
A. Alfred Nobel devoted himself to the study of chemistry
B. His success with explosive finally led to the 1864 tragedy *
C. A big explosion in Heleneborg in Stockholm killed many people
D. A big explosion destroyed his factory in Heleneborg Stockholm
E. Alfred Nobel planned the safe manufacture and use of nitroglycerine

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11. What was Bofor’s main business under Alfred Nobel? ….
A. It manufactured cannons and other ornaments *
B. It designed the ironclad monitor
C. It produced iron and steel
D. It produced dynamite
E. It invented nobelium

12. According to the biography, why did Galileo Galilei resign from his teaching job at the University of Pisa? ….
A. He had attracted many followers.
B. He was persecuted for three years *
C. He was appointed as a mathematics professor.
D. He had a better offer from the University of Padua.
E. He wanted to pursue his interests in astronomy and mechanics.

13. “His parents recognized their child’s innate intelligence and talents and so made sacrifices to have him educated.” (Paragraph 2). The underlined word “innate” is closest in meaning to…
A. Acquired
B. Ingenious
C. Multiple
D. Inborn *
E. Strident

14. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?….
A. Campbell never felt leaving for the university
B. Campbell stopped working because of his sickness
C. Campbell focused his research dealing with humans
D. Campbell started researching animal cloning as his experiments *
E. Campbell focused his research not only on the animal experiments

15. Why did the experiments not draw admiration perfectly? ….
A. Animal rights activists were outraged
B. The public imagination became a scientific sensation
C. Some people felt dissatisfied with the experiment results
D. Some people were angry from their question about the ethics of cloning *
E. The experiments did not show the representative results of the cloning ethics

16. What was a reason for Kang’s grandfather never returned to Kang’s house?….
A. A supporter of Kim II Sung
B. Accused of betraying North Korea *
C. Regarded as a hero
D. As an important person in Korea
E. Force Kang’s family to leave their homeland

17. What is mainly discussed in the last paragraph?….
A. The last minutes Kang gathered together with his mother *
B. The day Kang ever saw his grandma and grandpa
C. The moment Kang’s father was regarded as a hero
D. The last day Kang’s parents and his grandma sobbed
E. The sad moment when Kang’s parents meet grandma

18. Why did Kang’s grandfather disappear? ….
A. He left for work and went somewhere else
B. He returned to North Korea
C. He was supporter of Kim II Sung
D. He went to the government’s office
E. He was kidnapped and punished by the security guards *

19. A few weeks later, seven plain clothes security guards stormed into Kang’s housE. The word “stormed” has the same meaning as ….
A. Destroyed
B. Attacked *
C. Knocked
D. Involved
E. Knotted

20. How did Diana spend her free time when she was still a bachelorette? …
A. She watched movies *
B. She finished her school
C. She worked in restaurant
D. She returned to Switzerland
E. She visited her friends near the restaurant

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21. The custody of the couple’s four children was given to Diana’s father because ….
A. her outlook was cheerful
B. her mother had an affair *
C. she determined her personality
D. she had her very privileged family
E. her paternal grandfather was dead

22. How was Diana’ academic achievement? ….
A. Super
B. Average *
C. First rate
D. Admirable
E. Exceptional

23. Who influenced Milton Friedman on economic research? ….
A. Sarah Ethel.
B. Jeno Friedman.
C. Arthur F. Burns *
D. Homer Jones.
E. Alfred Nobel.

24. What is the main idea of paragraph 3? …
A. Milton Friedman was very committed in his interest and talent in economics *
B. Homer Jones shaped Milton Friedman understanding of economic research.
C. Arthur Burns introduced Milton Friedman to rigorous economic theory.
D. Brown University offered Milton Friedman a tuition scholarship.
E. Milton Friedman was offered a scholarship by the Chicago Economics Department in Applied Mathematics.

25. What did Milton Friedman do in financing his college expenses? …
A. He was a teacher during summer.
B. He had a job in entrepreneur company.
C. He worked as a clerk in a retail store *
D. He sold tables to people.
E. He taught economics in the university.

26. The main idea of the first paragraph is that Abdulrachman Saleh ….
A. had his own medical practice,
B. studied at the medical school in STOVIA.
C. became a doctor because of his family.
D. was appointed assistant at the laboratory of physiology.
E. started his career as a doctor in STOVIA. *

27. Besides medicine, Abdulrachman also had a special interest in ….
A. laboratorium assistance
B. student organizations *
C. aeroplane designing
D. broadcasting
E. politics

28. Where did Alfred Nobel work with John Ericsson?….
A. In Sweden
B. In the USA *
C. In Stockholm
D. In Heleneborg
E. In Saint Petersburg

29. Based on the text, what do we know about Victoria? ….
A. She is an ordinary woman
B. She is a multi-talented woman *
C. She designed The Spice Girls
D. She married to an ordinary person
E. She arranged many songs for The Spice Girls

30. How was Darwin’s theory of natural selection developed? ….
A. Adapted by the necessary for survival *
B. Influenced by his collection.
C. Supported the effect of environment.
D. Influenced by John Henslow
E. Affected by groups of organisms.

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